Research Interests

My research has two major areas: (i) developing applied math/statistical methodology and (ii) taking a data-driven approach to solving business and policy issues usually in the areas of Information Systems, Operations, and Finance.

Many of my research projects use text documents to predict economic variables, especially in the context of online reviews. The goal is show that online reviews (like those from Yelp or TripAdvisor) can be useful for understanding economic and business events, such as firm survival, hygiene and food poisoning, service quality, and so on. Another major area of research is the modeling of networks to identify communities, influential agents, and to characterize evolutions of the network structure over time. This has major implication in the study of systemic risk (e.g., see here for related NSF supported projects).

I am currently advising two PhD students (Yuan Cheng and Shengli Hu) and have served on several PhD thesis committees in the fields of Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Management.


Below are recent publications. You can download my full CV here (Updated: March 2018).